JamesF4 spent five hundred bucks at a fast food restaurant with instructions to hand out 300 large coffees to the customers behind him (ala the “Suspended Coffee” movement) and then went on Reddit to share the news.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 2.09.39 PM

According to the Huffington Post, JamesF4 did so anonymously. Even the username JamesF4 is anonymous:

JamesF4 told HuffPost that his name isn't really James at all, and that he's purposefully posting anonymously to keep from getting credit. Pay-it-forward coffeesΒ have become something of a trend in Canada. CNN reported that customers at Tim Hortons restaurants across the country have paid for 500 or more coffees,Β on six separate occasionsΒ last week alone.

The whole thing reminds us of Curb Your Enthusiasm's “The Anonymous Donor” episode.

“You are such a hero. Anonymous. You really. I know, I know…”
“Larry, did you know? This ‘anonymous' is Ted.”