Breaking today, or at least self-breaking via Dallis Bros. Coffee own Facebook and Twitter channels, comes the news that the 100-year-old Queens, New York specialty coffee roaster has been purchased by Lacas Coffee Company, itself a 96 year old coffee roastery based in New Jersey. A source at Dallas Bros. confirmed to us that while the Dallis Bros. brand integrity will remain unchanged, the bulk of the company’s operations will move from Ozone Park, Queens to Pennsauken, NJ as part of the deal, with some staff maintained by Dallas Bros. in New York City to continue serving area wholesale clients.

More from the Dallis Bros. official blog post:

“In partnership with Lacas, we at Dallis Bros. look forward to building on our history with the expanded resources and expertise of Lacas, continuing to offer the same high-quality, hand-roasted, sustainability focused small batch coffees to the New York City market.

Throughout our history, change has been a constant–after all, we don’t deliver by horse and buggy anymore. We at Dallis Bros. couldn’t be more thrilled at the opportunities this brings for our next century of delivering superior coffee to New York City and beyond.”

It’s been a wild, wacky week for brand identity in the specialty coffee world.