Anticipation for the 2015 World AeroPress Championship circuit has reached a fever pitch, as new national champions are crowned every day in coffee-loving nations all across the planet. Today is the moment fans of this circuit have been waiting for, as we can finally announce details for the 2015 World AeroPress Championship event!

The 2015 WAC international final event will happen on Thursday, April 9th beginning at 6pm at WithinSodo (2916 S Utah Avenue, Seattle, Washington), and is being brought to you by WAC partners Cafe Imports, Bonavita, Upper Cup, La Marzocco, and yours truly at Sprudge, the official media partner of these awesome, wild, weird grassroots events. Additional support for the 2015 World AeroPress Championship event is furnished by Baratza, Everpure, Mahlkönig USA, and Intelligentsia Coffee.

Spectator entry to this event is completely free, and ticket reservations are available here. Competitor entry is open only to sanctioned national AeroPress champions, about which more details can be found here.

We’ve attended many a World AeroPress Championship event since its inception, and let us tell you, they are a hot hoot and a half. A global cadre of coffee brewers will do battle against one another to create the most delicious cup of coffee possible, using only their imaginations, some basic brewing implements, and a plucky little plunger called the Aerobie AeroPress. Recipes vary wildly, and as our global AeroPress competition coverage has shown, no two Pressers approach the Aero the same way.

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This year is the first-ever WAC finals held in the United States, and the judges’ panel reads like a global who’s who of choosery, judgery, and assorted decision-making bonafides.

world aeropress champion judges


Your 2015 WAC judges are:

Eden-Marie Abramowicz, Educator, Intelligentsia Coffee
Erin Meister, Counter Intelligence representative, Counter Culture Coffee
Anne Lunell, 2006 Swedish Barista Champion, co-founder of Koppi
Katie Carguilo, 2012 United States Barista Champion, Counter Culture Coffee
Amanda Juris, 2014 US Cup Tasters Champion, Starbucks
James Bailey, Head of Quality, Workshop Coffee
Noah Namowicz, Director of Sales, Cafe Imports
Tim Wendelboe, 2004 World Barista Champion, founder of Tim Wendelboe & Nordic Approach
Michael Phillips, 2010 World Barista Champion, Blue Bottle Coffee
Stephen Patrick Morrissey, 2008 World Barista Champion, Intelligentsia Coffee


Your Masters of Ceremonies for this event are:

Tim Varney, World AeroPress Championship Founder, Small Batch Roasting Co.
David Latourell, BKON Brewing
Ben Kaminsky, Ben Kaminksy Consulting

Competitors will be brewing an exceedingly rare coffee from Costa Rica, sourced by Cafe Imports from their producer partner Don Carlos of La Perla Del Cafe, and comprised the SL-28 coffee variety typically associated with Kenyan coffee. Just 2 bags of this coffee were produced, and it has been specially selected and purchased for the WACs. You can learn more about Don Carlos and La Perla Del Cafe here in this video, courtesy of Cafe Imports.

If it is at all possible for you to attend this event, dear reader, you should do so. And if you can’t make it, don’t worry—we’ll be featuring in-depth coverage from the 2015 World AeroPress Championships right here on Sprudge.

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