SCRBC Preview: Bring On The Tiny Cowboy Hats

SCRBC Preview: Bring On The Tiny Cowboy Hats

The South Central Regional Barista Championship is almost upon us, drawing in theoretical competitors from 9 states, but actual competitors from only Texas and Missouri. Judges calibration begins Thursday, March 31st, with round one to follow on April Fool’s Day. (Morbid, eh?)

Kaldi’s Coffee are fielding three competitors, along with hosting the event in St. Louis, Missouri at the fabulous Chase Park Plaza Hotel. Kaldi’s, Cafe Medici and Houndstooth Coffee, who entered 3, 3 and 2 competitors respectively, outnumber the combined rest of the field 8-5. This means all you degenerate Justin.Tv gamblers out there should bet big on the top ponies.

Click here to learn more about this year’s competitors – last year’s winner Lorenzo Perkins is in the fray again, we’re pretty sure Daniel Read is drinking coffee through a red vine straw, and yes, this is actually happening with the tiny cowboy hat:

Schedule, eventual livestream, and assorted yadda yadda through the SCRBC website.




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