We first talked to you a couple of weeks ago about this upcoming project out of the Futrell Futurists at Counter Culture Chicago – a chance to trade in your at-home Mr. Java machine in exchange for a lovely slow brew kit. Well, the moment arrives this weekend, and it should be a real hoot (at the very least, it’s an excuse to go see that gorgeous new CCC space in Chicago). Will there be stay at home baristas trading in their Mr. Coffees for a new pour-over doodad? Will the kids sneak their parent’s Starbucks Grind & Drip out of the house and surprise them with a brand new pour over kit?

We discovered a thread on a popular home barista bulletin board / “personals site”, and at least one poster hinted at some hijinks that might occur at the event this weekend:

I’m gonna just head over to the Goodwill and buy me a coupla cheap $3 coffee machines. Then I’mma borrow my mom’s hatchback and drive on down to teh event and cash in. My new lab goes public in two weeks, and I want to make sure I have the coolest equipment in case there might be girls at my opening gala. Heh heh, those CCC suckers are gonna get L0Lled by my L337 hax0ring. #OpBrewNet engage.

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We’d give about anything to be a fly on the wall next Saturday at this event (or would it be “worm in the compost”?).

Here’s some more about the event, from Counter Culture’s very own Meister:

It’s been said that Microwave Cooking for One is the world’s most depressing book, but I disagree: In my opinion, the most depressing written work in history is the instructions pamphlet that comes with an electric Mr. Coffee pot.

For one thing, you know any text with the opening line, “To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and/or injury to persons โ€ฆ” is going to be a major downer, and those fears are confirmed a few paragraphs later with gems like, “Do not use the coffeemaker outdoors,” and, “Replace the decanter on the warming plate within 30 seconds to avoid overflow and possible injury.” What’s worse, that’s not even halfway to the thing’s dramatic climax: “If the coffeemaker is brewing only water, there are no coffee grounds in the filter basket. ADD THE DESIRED AMOUNT OF COFFEE.”

The saddest truth about this little bummer of a booklet is that so many people own it: It comes standard with any dreary plug-in pot, a common sight in the average American kitchen. As common, I suppose, as the microwave we can apparently use to whip up lonely solo meals night after night.

She goes on about the event specifics, of course, but dang if that isn’t some really beautiful prose. We’ll just keep saying it and saying it until it becomes accepted knowledge: Meister is one of the very best coffee writers working today.

Facebook event info available here.

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