Sprudge.com are going (going) back (back) to Cali (Cali) on Saturday, September 8th, to take part in a big ol’ San Francisco block party thrown by the folks at Coffee Bar SF, Mr. Espresso, and ScoutMob. There’ll be food, booze, and a huge latte art/rib throwdown, all starting at 3pm at 1890 Bryant Street, in the heart of that cool half-neighborhood where it’s not really the Mission anymore, but you aren’t exactly on Potrero Hill, either. There’s going to be a Biergarten, and we weren’t kidding about the ribs. ScoutMob’s got mad deets:

Cathead’s BBQ, Good Foods Catering, The Jet Set Chef and Gator’s Back Porch BBQ will each be showcasing their rib preparations and a scrumptious side dish to go along with it. Wash down your meaty meal with a beer or wine from Coffee Bar’s pop-up Biergarten out front.

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Inside there’ll be a battle brewing between SF’s baristas, an elite task force that battles bad vibes with hand-crafted espresso drinks that surprise and delight. Set up as a bracket-style tournament, baristas will go head-to-head to craft their finest lattes, which will be handed out to the audience at random (cross your fingers and wear your lucky underwear). Prepare yourself, because this is going to be an event: with an MC, DJ, and a live projection of the action so that you can see these coffee artists work up close and personal.

Just set aside all that copy about “lucky underwear” and a “battle brewing,” because basically what they’re talking about is just integrating a big latte art throwdown into the block party festivities. It costs $5 to pour and the winner takes all. Those who want to enter have until September 1st to register, and you have to email two latte art photos to barista@coffeebar-usa.com to qualify. While all this is going on, we’ll be there along with our fellow event sponsors at Straus Family Creamery and Fair Trade USA to hang out, answer your questions, film some video, and generally just “chop it up.”

All of which sounds like a lot of fun, and you should definitely come hang out (buy tickets from ScoutMob), but you know what we’ve really just been thinking this whole time?

“Ehrmagerd, rerbs.”

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