Starbucks in Hong Kong announced it’ll be recycling its spent coffee grounds and stale pastries and turning it into…laundry detergent! New York Daily News has more:

The project, led by scientists at the City University of Hong Kong, is being tested at a new food โ€˜biorefinery,’ that diverts food waste and transforms it into viable, usable products.

The project was presented at a meeting of the world’s largest scientific society, the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia this week.

Do you think this is “a shortsighted solution that will drive up food prices and contribute to food shortages”? Or do you think this has a great “potential for diverting tons of garbage from landfills and reducing the need to manufacture goods from virgin, raw sources”? And does the whole thing just make you want a mocha frappuccino?