If you live anywhere in the Lower 48, you may have noticed that it has gotten pretty cold over the last week. Now, what cold means may vary from place to place. Here in Texas it got down into the teens, which is objectively chilly. Alas, no snow though. But it did flurry wherever it is that Reese Witherspoon lives—Nashville maybe?—where the actor decided to have a little winter wonderland fun and share a snow and cold brew concoction with her followers on TikTok. And would you believe it, people on the internet got mad.

On Friday, Witherspoon took to the video sharing app with a recipe for what she dubbed a Chococinno. It consists of a heaping mugful of fresh snow topped with either chocolate or salted caramel syrup and finished off with cold brew from none other than Slightshot Coffee. Nearly five million views, the video light and fun, save for the weirdness of celebrities always having to be “on” and just like, does anyone do anything anymore without posting it to social media? But that’s more of a human condition and not specifically a Reese Witherspoon issue, so there’s really hardly anything here to move the ole outrage needle.

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@reesewitherspoonSnow days were made for Chococinnos ❄️☕️♬ Let’s go – Official Sound Studio

But that’s never really stopped anyone from getting mad about it—“it” being literally anything—and taking to the internet to air their grievances. The issue here? That snow is dirty. Many, many people took to the comments to note that eating snow “is like dangerous to our health” and “not made to eat.” To which I would have to point out that snow is not made to do anything, it just is snow.

There was enough of a blowback from the whole thing that Witherspoon posted another video, videos actually, about it, to the tune of YOLO. She states that growing up she didn’t drink filtered water, noting that she would even drink water from the hose, which I took to be a pretty universal childhood experience, but seeing how many panties are in bunches over all this, maybe it’s just a Southern thing?

Either way, Witherspoon says the Chococinno is delicious, and with the addition of the Slingshot, it sounds delicious. If we ever get any snow down this way, I’m going to give it a try. And if you’re allergic to fun, feel free to make some shaved ice and give it a try. Or don’t and stay mad. That’s probably no better for your health than a cup of snow that never touched the ground.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.