Yesterday, we brought news of those who earned their way to the US Barista Championship via the Qualifying Event last week. But the USBC wasn’t the only event that took place at the Power Center in Houston. Both the Cup Tasters and Roasters Championship held her qualifying round, and now both have set their rosters for the national stage of their 2024 US Coffee Championships event.

16 Roasters and 24 Cup Tasters punched their tickets to Nationals in Houston. There are a lot of return champions in these two competitions, including the likes of Tony Augur, Samuel Demisse, and Steve Cuevas. Many of them find themselves making it to the USCC in both competitions. So let’s take a look at the field for the 2024 US Cup Tastes and Roasters Championship, shall we?

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Cup Tasters

Tony Auger – Goshen Coffee
Helen Choi – Luce Coffee
Tom Bomford – Black Fox Coffee
Konoka Hattori – Onyx Coffee Lab
Ryan Sullivan – Mostra Coffee
Kimberly Zash – Sightseer Coffee
Inwook Park – Fairwave Coffee Collective
Brittany Gross – Speedwell Coffee
Luke Jung – Luce Coffee Roasters
Ashleigh Chrisena Ricci – Tipico Coffee
Mehmet Sogan – Memli Coffee
Steve Cuevas
Jie Jang – Less and More Coffee
Samuel Demisse – Keffa Coffee
Sergei Kutrovski – Narrative Coffee
Bear Soliven – Onyx Coffee Lab
Josh Neibert – Keffa Coffee
Sean Coyne – Brio Coffeeworks
Elli Kang – Pave
Daniel Borras – Perc Coffee
Hyacinth Rios – Coffee Project NY
Kenzel Fallen – Three Keys Coffee
Kimhak Em – Pair Cupworks
Michael Matthews – Alinea Coffee Roasters/BearCat

houston roasters qualifiers uscc 2024

Roasters Championship

Wenbo Young
Tio Fallen
Hyo Jung Kim
Tony Auger
Michael Matthews
Brian Hensley
Eduardo Choza
Alix Nathan
Eric Stone
Steve Cuevas
Kimhak Em
Alex Huang
Matthew Selivanow
Dana Borque
Mark Kove
Zachary Steele

Congratulations to everyone moving on!

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.