Those familiar with Sprudge will know this publishing company is a fan of quality Robusta. It’s something we’ve reported on for years, and talk about a ton in our first book.  But one company in New York City has taken things way further by launching something called The Robusta Pledge, “a global initiative to re-evaluate the inequities and biases within the coffee community and work towards building a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable coffee future” by directly advancing robusta growing coffee communities.

That company is called Nguyen Coffee Supply, founded by first generation entrepreneur-activist Sahra Nguyen. Nguyen was integral in changing national chain Whole Foods’ policy forbidding the sale of robusta coffee. And now the company is launching a line of first-of-its-kind ready-to-drink products featuring 100% robusta sourced from Vietnam.

We spoke with Nguyen Coffee Supply founder Sahra Nguyen digitally to learn more.

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When did this product become available to purchase?

Pre-orders on our website started July 28, 2022. Available on our website and shipping nationwide since August 11th, 2022.

How much caffeine does it have?

Our Classic Black Cold Brew has 220mg caffeine.

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


What does it taste like?

So far, common feedback we’ve received is: “SO GOOD! SO SMOOTH! NOT BITTER OR SOUR AT ALL. BOLD, DARK CHOCOLATELY, A LIL SWEET”

We like the all-caps response. How much does this product cost?

$32/6 pack online.

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The Nguyen Coffee Supply website has a lot of great recipes—what’s a favorite for the Classic Black Cold Brew?

It’s delicious out of the can. However, we’ve seen our community drink this with milk (of choice) and sugar over ice… or mixed with a seltzer.

Here’s a recipe using the Classic Black Cold Brew:

Yuzu Cold Brew Spritz


2 oz Classic Black Cold Brew*
4 oz sparkling water
¼ oz yuzu juice
Optional: ¼ oz simple syrup
Mint for garnish


1. To an ice-filled glass, add the simple syrup, yuzu juice, and sparkling water.
2. Top with Classic Black Cold Brew.
3. Garnish with mint and enjoy!

Feel free to use more to your taste or adjust the ratios if you’d like a larger drink.

Thank you.

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