The ready-to-drink market continues to heat up with the addition of three new plant-based offerings from Chicago’s very own Intelligentsia Coffee. The lattes are all made with oat milk and coffee sourced through their Black Cat Espresso Project—giving these beverages the Direct Trade stamp of approval.



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“We feel strongly this is the only lineup of lattes that puts emphasis on premium espresso ingredients and has the longevity that Black Cat espresso does in specialty coffee,” says Director of Brand Marketing Jonathan Gogel. “It’s a latte lineup for enthusiasts who enjoy the convenience of bottled lattes, but also value what espresso goes into them.”

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The supermarket is indeed filling up with bottled coffee products—and not all of them can say they put the quality of the coffee first. All of that emphasis on coffee quality means that espresso punches through on their Oat Milk Latte—but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun—which is why we’re happy to report the drinks are also available infused with either vanilla or spice.

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Spiced is not your typical ‘spiced,’ it’s based on a very popular year-round drink we have in our Coffeebars called the Avena Latte—flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, orange, and ginger working pairing nicely with the oat milk,” says Gogel.

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Vanilla provides very delicate hints of vanilla flavor as we wanted to create a soothing balance of the coffee and oat milk. Oat we feel is a new classic, our ideal ratio of Black Cat and oat milk where the coffee really shines through.”

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The beverages are packed in recyclable cartons and sell for $14 for a pack of three or $48 for twelve. Intelligentsia Coffee bottled oat milk beverages are now available online and in stores.

Photos courtesy Intelligentsia Coffee.

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