The espresso machine is often the centerpiece of the coffee bar. It can set the aesthetic tone for the entire cafe. Is it understated like the La Marzocco Linea or does it have a little mid-century panache like the Kees van der Westen Spirit? Maybe you’re into the sweeping lines of the Slayer Steam. Whatever your choice may be, it can say a lot about the look and feel of the cafe.

And there’s a new concept espresso machine, and it just screams, “Sprockets. This cafe loves sprockets.”

As reported by Yanko Design, the new machine is called the Steampunk Espresso Machine by Steam Espresso (neither of which name are going to fly should this ever go to production, for obvious reasons). It’s the product of Turkish designer Ahmet Kemal Dashan, and as the same suggests, it has the alternate reality industrial revolution vibe one comes to expect with steampunk.

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Much of the aesthetic comes from its blend of Art Deco stylings and heavy implementation of brass. Much of the exterior casing, along with many of the other design elements, like the portafilter handles are all wrapped in copper-colored brass, giving the otherwise modern-looking machine a bit of an antique feel. And the exposed brass pipe feeding into the grouphead adds a nice steampunky touch.

steampunk espresso machine 4

The Steampunk Espresso Machine is still just a concept, and would definitely need some updating before it could really make it to production. That steam wand, for instance, what’s going on with that thing? It doesn’t look like it was made with use in mind.

Still, it’s a splashy design, and should you be taking your top hat for a spin on your pedal-powered dirigible when the urge for a little caffeinated pick-me-up hits, the cafe with a Steampunk Espresso Machine on the bar would be the obvious choice.

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All images via Yanko Design