Canned beverages are hot hot hot—and we can’t get enough—and judging by the grocery store cold beverage section, neither can anyone else! That’s why we started this feature series Ready To Drink, to showcase some of the world’s newest and most innovative canned coffee products. We spotted THREE Coffee‘s unique line of RTDs at a recent World of Coffee convention and just had to learn more.

What really stood out to us with THREE’s line of drinks were the punchy fruit-forward flavors like cold brew with passion fruit puree and a sparkling oolong tea with melon. They all sound absolutely chuggable and we spoke with Head of Training, Marketing Manager, and Brewers Cup competitor Uliana Zolotukhina digitally to learn more.

three coffee cans rtd sprudge ready to drink 1

Tell us about your new canned beverages!

We believe that specialty coffee could be represented from different angles for consumers. RTD’s for us are an innovative product category if you can make them high quality and convenient. We have four different flavors: three of them cold brew based and the fourth is a tea, for those who want something refreshing and light; Cold Brew with Tonic, Cold Brew with Passion Fruit puree, and Oolong Tea with Melon are all carbonated.

The Marshmallow Latte sounds delicious. What goes in it? How would you describe the taste?

In GCC countries the Spanish Latte is a very popular beverage and we wanted to come up with something similar, but different with less sugar. So the Marshmallow Latte tastes less sweet than a Spanish, but creamier than a regular Iced Latte. And there is a tip, if you don’t want to drink it cold, just transfer it into your mug and heat it—you have a ready to go hot milk beverage. Just have to shake that sucker well before drinking:)

How about the Cold Brew Tonic?

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Oh, that is the most recommended one. A carbonated refreshing and energizing. We took our anaerobic Ethiopia and mixed it with carbonated water, a bit of magic during production and here we go. We’d say this is the most popular one in the local market.

The Oolong Melon sounds like a refreshing non-coffee alternative. Is this a popular drink item at THREE Coffee?

Yea, surprisingly so. We wanted to create an alternative for those who prefer teas or lemonades. And came up with the recipe for Oolong Melon Tea. Brewed oolong tea mixed with melon puree and carbonated water—gives us a sweet and floral taste. A perfect refreshing option for hot Dubai weather.

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Who designed the cans?

Our design duo – Drew Dennehy and Abdullah Khalifa.

Where are they available?

At the moment you can find them on our web But we’re also moving into online marketplaces with our RTD products, along with yummies ;)

How much are they?

48AED per pack of four. You can either have a mix of each flavor or just stay with your preferred one. For this quality of products, we think it’s a fair deal :)

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How has the response been so far?

Oh, people love it! Even though this type of product is new in the local market, I think our approach to the specialty coffee industry vision helps to change it.

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Any plans for new flavors?

We would like to. Wish we can make something interesting with cascara or our special fermentation lots, like Honduras Leopard. Think that could be an interesting taste adventure in the can :D

Ready To Drink is a feature series on Sprudge Media Network. Got a canned coffee or otherwise “Ready To Drink” product you’d like to see featured? Get in touch!