Put ‘er There! Ben Put Wins Canadian Prairie...

Put ‘er There! Ben Put Wins Canadian Prairie Barista Championship!

Congratulations, Benjamin “Stay” Put of Transcend Coffee! He took the title this weekend during a day of heated competition (and hail, apparently) in the city of Calgary. From the Transcend Blog:

Well, another year of regional competition is done and we certainly couldn’t be happier. Our own Ben Put won first place, and Josh Hocking took third place! Way to go boys. Here are the official results.

5th – 562 points- Joel May – Fratello

4th – 585 points- Jeremy Ho – Phil & Sebastian

3rd – 595 points- Josh Hockin – Transcend Coffee

2nd – 609 points – Chris Tellez – Phil & Sebastian

1st – 657.5 points – Ben Put – Transcend Coffee

Read Poul Mark’s closing remarks on the PRBC over at the Transcend Coffee blog. Congratulations, Ben – we’ll see you in Vancouver!



  1. Brendan Butt

    23 October

    Would you like access to the video of his win to put on the site?

  2. dlodewyk

    7 August

    hooray! for Benny Three Times ! ! ! Third time is the charm ? Also the announcer was totally stoked on the chemex kettle as well! How could he not be?! That is one sexy kettle!

    congrats to Mr. J. Hockin ! I want some more of your sig drink ! … and chocolate.

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