Propaganda and Onyx Coffee Lab are back at it. The emcee, poet, writer, spoken word artist, podcaster, and activist and the world-renown Arkansas-based coffee roaster have teamed up yet again for Terraform, a brand-new line of ready-to-drink cold brew.

Officially announced July 19th, Terraform is the culmination of a fruitful collaboration between the two Sprudgie Award winners and has been in the works for a few years now, starting with an Onyx guest spot on Prop’s Pouragami Fridays Instagram installation before blossoming into a custom coffee known as Terraform, based on Petty’s book and album of the same name.

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“They were all themed around building a livable environment and such,” Petty tells Sprudge. “As the music and book was rolling out, Bear [Soliven] over at Onyx reached out because we saw so many of our values aligned with regards to the message of Terraform. So we started with a mirco-lot and a limited run. And to my surprise, I could sell coffee LOL. As our friendship grew, we knew we wanted figure out something more permanent.”

The next step, then, was to spin off Terraform into its own drink line and brand. Using the same coffee from the original collab—a washed micro-lot from the Hambela Estate in Ethiopia that was “uniquely sourced, roasted and defined in partnership with Propaganda,” per Onyx’s website—Terraform now comes in a new 12oz canned format, complete with a redesigned aesthetic to distinguish it from the original Onyx coffee. Over time, though, the coffee comprising the cold brew line may change. “I think if I can get my hands something funky Imma go for it. I’m still at my core and artist so sometimes I wanna play some different chords!”

For Petty, Terraform isn’t just a new RTD beverage, it, like coffee, is an ethos. “The driving force is still as always the art of coffee. Its history and the metaphor it is form my life as an hip-hop artist, and as a Black man. I see Terraform as a call to action; It is a verb after all. The idea of imagining a better future and taking the steps to build that is something I’m probably gonna do for the rest of my life. Imma use all that I’ve been given to leave a world better than I found it,” Petty states. “So I think with coffee, just as with hip-hop and Black/Brown people, it is something that came from the soil, Equator soil, and has not only already changed the world, it also calls us to be better and leave the world better.”

Terraform Cold Brew is available online in 6-, 12-, and 24-pack options, and Los Angeles residents can find cans at The Nest: También, Harun Coffee, and Vintage Coffee Co. For more information, check out the Terraform Cold Brew official website.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.