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It’s that time again – PrepFest is upon us for the 2014 United States Barista Championship competition season. After heaps of turnout and community engagement following last year’s PrepFest events in Seattle and Portland, the Barista Guild of America have plans to host their first-ever East Coast PrepFest event. It’s happening September 12th in Washington DC at Canvas Co/Work, and will feature a full mock competition performance from Colin Whitcomb, a seasoned competitor with MadCap Coffee Company. Guests are invited to stay for the September edition of TNT WDC, the District’s foremost nomadic latte art challenge.

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Official judges will be there to score through Colin’s mock routine, and guests will have a chance to ask questions, make notes, and generally use the time as a real-life prep session for the impending Northeast and Southeast regional events (combined into one great big regional this season). We’re big fans of the PrepFest format as presented by the BGA, and collaborating with them on last year’s events in the Pacific Northwest was definitely fruitful. Notes were jotted, rules were learned, and we used the whole thing as a multi-camera stage set to film the “Barista Competition Pop-Up Video” you see below. It is our sincere and heartfelt ode to barista competitions, 90’s nostalgia, and bubble pops.

Learn more about the event via this BGA listing.

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