Time Out reports that Stumptown Coffee Roasters will set up a cafe and roasting spot in Chicago!!!

“I’ve been visiting Chicago for the past five years now, and I’ve fallen in love with the town,” [Duane] says. “So, given that I have no other hobbies except for making people cofffee, I’ve been looking at the possibilities of setting up shop in Chicago.”

Chris Tacy is plotzing over at God Shot:

Things to ponder:
Will Intelli Chicago be able to keep their best employees?
Will Stumptown’s indy punk rock vibe sell in the midwest?
Will Intelli open in Portland?
Will Stumptown go for a beer and wine license?
Will Intelli try to better leverage Ecco now?
Will Stumptown be Stumptown without bike messengers?
Who will Alinea use?