One Village Coffee has been roasting fine coffees for a decade in Souderton, Pennsylvania. The company had a bit of a brand refresh recently, with the help of lifestyle blog The Fresh Exchange. Fresh Exchange designed boxes for One Village’s coffees using light and bright photography and playful hand-written lettering. We adore collaborations like these.

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We asked Director of Sales and Marketing Victoria Perez to explain everything.

Tell us a bit about your company.

One Village Coffee has been roasting specialty coffee for 10 years-it’s our anniversary! Our mission is to connect coffee growers to roasters to coffee drinkers through our approachable coffee. You can taste our commitment to quality in our Villager blend, which does a pretty stunning job balancing a washed Ethiopian and washed Colombian. You can sense our commitment to stewardship when you see our B Corporation Certification and our majority female executive leadership team.

10 years ago, our founders envisioned a Village, inspired by coffee growing communities they witnessed on trips to Africa and Honduras. Today, that Village is actively growing and connecting more people to specialty coffee every day.

Your design debuted in July of 2017. What did it look like before?

Our package used to be a bag. We loved that the bag was compostable so we kept that element. We have found one of the best entry points into specialty coffee is teaching coffee lovers the concept that coffees can taste different from one another. We wanted to design a package front that instantly communicated that the coffee on shelf was going to taste different than the coffee sitting next to it. We turned to photography. Coffee is beautiful. The familiar images of different coffee cups helps new specialty coffee enthusiasts realize they can have fun trying different coffees way more effectively than our words ever could.

Mike Gilger of The Fresh Exchange designed your packaging. Tell us more about that collaboration!

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When thinking about this project, we literally called Mike and said, “Hey, could you fly into Philadelphia tomorrow for a photo shoot?” Mike’s response? He hopped on a plane. He spent over two days straight with us photographing and still managed to stay up late drinking wine by the campfire and charming us with life stories. Mike is a part of our Village, and being around him reminds us about the human connection at the heart of our identity. Oh, and not only did he execute a perfect spontaneous photo shoot, he also was the graphic designer of the box and the current logo.

What coffee information do you share on the package?

Each package features the name of the coffee as well as the broad taste category we have assigned to it (think red/white/sparkling or IPA/lager/porter).  We also feature the notes we taste.  Our single-origin boxes feature a lot more detail, as we know they target established coffee enthusiasts more than our other coffees.  Those boxes feature facts like roast date, processing method, and origin specifics.

Curious about those taste categories?

Yes, yes we are.

Check them out below.

Classic: Those traditional dark roasts you grew up drinking in coffee shops and grandma’s kitchen. Brews up great in any device, from a drip pot at the office to a French press at home. These blends are great with milk & sugar.

Modern: Creative blends showcasing the signature style of the specialty roaster who created them. These blends tend to be balanced and flexible, holding up in a drip pot while tasting distinctive as a hand pour. Try these black.

Single Origin: Coffee from a single producer, farm, or co-op roasted lightly enough that the inherent nuances of the coffee bean itself can be discovered (similar to wine grapes). These are great for those craving a distinct taste experience. Try these black as a hand pour.

Where is the bag manufactured?

The bag is manufactured by Pacific Bag Incorporated and the box is manufactured by Graphic Packaging, Inc. Both are warehoused locally which means we have been able to invite the teams to Our Village and connect over cups of the very coffee they are packaging.

Any special features on the bag/branding?

Those awesome photos on the back of the box?  Those are us!  Those photos were taken at the homes of our executive leadership team.  Our hands are the ones pouring and brewing the coffee.  Our Director of Coffee was the one pouring the latte art for the front of the box.  We feel connected to that package and hope that helps our fans connect to us.

Is the package recyclable/compostable?

The bag is compostable and the box is recyclable.  The box is made with recycled material by a company who plants more trees than it cuts down.

Where is it currently available?

You can purchase One Village Coffee directly on our website (which we recommend, because we roast to order) or at many local grocery stores across the nation.

Company: One Village Coffee
Location: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Release Date: July 2017
Designer: Mike Gilger, The Fresh Exchange

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