Kobros Coffee (stylized KOBROS) is located in the Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk, VA. Brothers Sean and Erik Kopak are no strangers to signature beverages—the cafe features a new signature drink each and every week!

This coming weekend they’re celebrating Smartmouth Brewing Company’s cereal-forward “Saturday Morning IPA” release by serving up a cereal milk cold brew using Lucky Charms, oat milk, and cold brew. We spoke with Sean Kopak to learn more.

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Tell us about your signature drink!

For this drink, we overnight soaked gallons of oat milk with Lucky Charms cereal and a little of our house cascara syrup, then fine strained using the Toddie method. Leaving that delicious sweet milk we loved to slurp up in a bowl after some Saturday morning cartoons and cereal. Pairing this with a stronger/rich chocolate notes cold brew: we decided to go with a Washed Mexico/Guatemala Blend.

Who crafted your signature drink?

We’re definitely not the first to think of cereal milk concoctions in specialty coffee, But we’ll say our spin is damn good and we like to add our little touches to it such as garnishing with some bright colored dehydrated marshmallows for those nostalgic inner-child memories.

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What unique ingredients does it contain?

– Our house Cascara Syrup using a Catuai Panama Cascara from our friends Moon Goat Coffee out of Costa Mesa, CA!
– Lucky Charms overnight Soaked Oat Milk

Is your signature drink served in a particular vessel? How did you make this choice?

We’re serving this in a 12oz iced cup.

Where is it available?

This drink will be available at our Cafe Location in Norfolk, VA as well as we’ll be serving it at Smartmouth Brewing Co for their “Saturday Morning IPA” release party.

How much is it?


kobros coffee signature beverage 1

How long will it be on the menu?

This will be available all week long as we rotate our Craft lattes every single week.

Anything else you’d like to share about the drink?

The city of Norfolk and all of Hampton Roads area seems to be fascinated with marshmallows. Maybe it’s that inner child in all of us. Or just the need for a sweet treat on a perfect 75° day. But the crowds seem to come out of the woodworks for it. Whether it’s a local brewery doing a marshmallow-infused beer or just a delicious cold brew concoction, nothing beats a rich cold brew with a nice balance of sugar/colorful ingredients and the customers seem to agree!

Thank you!

Kobros Coffee is located at 419 W 21st St, Norfolk, VA 23517. To learn more, visit their website and follow Kobros Coffee on Instagram.

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