Welcome to another episode of No Free Refills, a podcast dedicated to the messy, beautiful collision of pop culture and coffee.

The focus of episode seven is the hit HBO romantic-comedy series Sex and the City based on Candace Bushnell’s 1997 book. Why focus on a decades-old series? Several reasons! Quarantine streamers are rediscovering the series on the new streaming platform HBO Max, and there’s much buzz about the soon-to-be-released reboot And Just Like That.

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Every episode begins with a drink, and this week Baker drinks Eyasu Worasag from Mother Tongue Coffee, and Lawrence drinks Gatuyaini grown by the Othaya Society sourced by Atlas Coffee. Baker’s coffee is juicy, Lawrence’s coffee is developed and both are delicious.

Baker and Lawrence have a lot of thoughts on the original series, the reboot, the characters—and especially New York City as a character. “Oh, my goodness,” Tymika quips, “New York City is, even if you are from New York mostly like I am, she’s a frenemy.”

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