Welcome to another episode of No Free Refills, a podcast dedicated to the messy, beautiful collision of pop culture and coffee.

In this week’s episode, hosts Tymika Lawrence and Ezra Baker drink wine and coffee and continue to socially distance, speaking to each other from their respective homes in New York City. Each episode of No Free Refills kicks off with a drink, and in this week’s show, Lawrence drinks Paolo Palumbo Rosso Vivace while Baker sips on Coffee Collective nitro flash brewed coffee from Kenya.

The focus of Episode Five is the Hulu original series PEN15 starring Maya Erskine and Anna Konkel.

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PEN15 is set in the year 2000 and follows the lives of two seventh grade best friends. “This is a show about middle school,” explains Ezra Baker, “and addresses all the issues and everything people go through in middle school. However, the two main characters, Maya and Anna are [played by] two grown ass women.”

Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, both in their thirties, portray fictionalized versions of themselves surrounded by legitimate child actors. Baker and Lawrence take a deep dive into the show’s themes and their own experiences growing up in the late nineties/early 2000s.

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