We’re still a little over two months away from Christmas, which in pandemic time is a flat circle to be rolled up a hill each morning forever, and there is no shortage of other milestones to pass between now and then: Halloween, Groundhog Day, Thanksgiving, Groundhog Day, Hanukkah, Groundhog Day, a fucking election?! And Groundhog Day! Even so, the time is nigh to order your coffee advent calendar.

Yes, the coffee advent calendar, it’s like a 24-day micro-subscription featuring coffees that run the gamut from the everyday drinkers to the rare and exceptional. And there are no shortage of options when it comes to coffee advent calendars. Whether you want nearly four weeks of different coffees from a single company or a smattering of some of the best roasters in northern Europe, we’ve got you covered. Consider this your advent calendar of coffee advent calendars.

Onyx Advent

Onyx Coffee Lab

Back again for another holiday season, the Onyx Coffee Lab advent calendar features 24 different single-origin coffees for your Yuletide pleasure. Divvied out into two-ounce whole bean offerings, the Onyx calendar will include a host of different origins, processing methods, and coffee varieties. In previous years, the coffee advent from Onyx progressed from more traditional flavor profiles to more experimental. It was like tasting the past three decades of coffee over the course of a single month.

The Onyx coffee advent calendar is now available for pre-order for $150. The entire box set will then ship out at the end of November to be in hand by December 1st.

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If variety is more your thing, how about a sampling of some of the best roasters in the Nordic countries? For Scandinavian subscription service KaffeBox’s specialty coffee advent calendar, they have enlisted 12 different roasters—some of whom you can’t get Stateside unless via Kaffebox—to deliver up two unique coffees each in 50g increments. Roasters this year include Tim Wendelboe, Koppi, Drop Coffee, Supreme Roastworks, and others. All single origins, previous years’ offerings have included multiple Geshas as well as coffees from famed producers like Elida Estate in Panama and Las Lajas in Colombia.

Retailing at $161 USD (which includes shipping)—though there is an early bird special offering a 7% discount—the KaffeBox specialty coffee advent calendar will be sent out in three separate shipments to ensure freshness: one on November 19th, 26th, and December 4th.

19gram Advent


Say you want to partake in a little advent calendar fun but you’re more of an espresso drinker than a filter fanatic. Berlin’s 19Gram‘s has you covered. Their espresso advent calendar offers up 24 different single origin coffees in 50g increments, roasted specifically with espresso in mind. As with their filter advent calendar, 19Gram’s espresso advent calendar can come in whole bean or ground coffee and you can choose between November 3rd and 17th for the dispatch date.

Both the espresso and filter roast advent calendars retails at €69.90 ($83 USD) and are now in pre-order.

Yawn Coffee

Yawn Coffee

If you’re looking for something maybe a little more of a crowd pleaser and a little less cost-prohibitive, then look no further than Yawn Coffee’s 2020 advent calendar. For just £32 ($41 USD), Yawn will send you 24 18g sachets of coffee, all from different origins. And unlike other advent calendars, Yawn has grind options. You can choose between whole bean, French press, and espresso.

Advent calendars are packed each week so there’s no need to order ahead, making it a pretty great last minute gift.

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