Brewers Cup competition schedule the Northeast Region.
Saturday, February 25th – 12 Competitors total, competition begins at 1pm.

1. 1:00 Jonathan Knaup, Ceremony Coffee Roasters, Anapolis, MD @ceremonycoffee

2. 1:08 Brady Guinn, Pavement Coffeehouse, Boston @BtheCoffee

3. 1:16 Anna Utevsky, Joe, NYC @autevsky

4. 1:24 Tyler Barker, Gimme! Coffee, Ithaca, NY

5. 1:32 Wade Reed, Joe Bean Roasters, Rochester, NY @joebeanroasters

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6. 1:40 Ryan Soeder, Counter Culture Coffee, Boston @ryansoeder

7. 1:48 Kyle Bellinger, Espresso Neat, Darien, CT @espressoneat

8. 1:56 Erin McCarthy, Gimme! Coffee, NYC @erinmccarthy88

9. 2:04 Chang Cho, Jazzytrain: The Brew Station, Palisades Park, NJ

10. 2:12 Andrea Costa, Equal Exchange, West Bridgewater, MA @EqExintheCup

11. 2:20 Toby Maxwell, Gimme! Coffee, Ithaca, NY

12. 2:28 Federico Garcia, Soho House, NYC @sohohouse

13. 2:36 Tamara Vigil, Irving Farm Coffee, NYC @tamakinsneb

14. 2:44 Zoey Thorson, Gimme! Coffee, NYC

15. 2:52 Teresa von Fuchs, Dallis Bros. Coffee, NYC @tvf_rocks

16. 3:00 William McAllister, Dallis Bros. Coffee, NYC @bill_mcallister

17. 3:08 Jordan Barber, Third Rail, NYC @thirdrailcoffee

18. 3:16 Andy Sprenger, Ceremony Coffee Roasters, Anapolis, MD @ceremonycoffee

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