A few weeks ago we and many others reported on the story of Matt Call, a Minneapolis barista and musician who suffered very serious injuries in a hit-and-run accident. Following his Twitter over the last few weeks, it’s great to see Matt getting better. He’s home now, and has been able to stand up using parallel bars in physical therapy. We suggest you follow Matt on Twitter – it’s very humbling.

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Lots of people have reached out to Mr. Call, in all kinds of ways, and we wanted to follow up with some information on an upcoming event to raise money for his recovery. On Tuesday, July 24th there’s a huge event being thrown in the Wittier neighborhood of Minneapolis, to raise money and offset recovery costs for Mr. Call. The benefit is being held at a private loft space and will feature live music, a silent auction, and bar service. More from the event’s Facebook page:

The benefit will be held at Greg Martin’s loft in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis. There will be two floors of events happening. The first floor will hold a silent auction, DJ sets, and drinks mixed by members of the Northstar Bartenders Guild. The second floor will have live music from local musicians and additional beverages provided by 2 GINGERS Whiskey.

Tickets are by donation, starting at $20, and must be purchased in advance. Exact address will be given with ticket purchase.

Those residing outside the Minneapolis area or otherwise unable to attend can still donate here, via Live Letters. Cheers to the members of the Minneapolis coffee and music community, for putting together what sounds like a huge night of fundraising.

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