Aerosmith is tourin’ the arena circuit this summer, and alongside more traditional tour merch, drummer Joey Kramer is sellin’ his very own brand of coffee beans sold under his very own “Rockin’ and Roastin'” label. That’s right: the drummer from Aerosmith has his own coffee roasting company, joining the same celebrity coffee entrepreneur ranks as Rob Zombie, David Lynch, KISS, Hugh Jackman, and Robert Deniro (coming soon, you heard it here first!).

Mass. Market Wicked Local blogger Jon Chesto has more:

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Kramer tells me he’s a lifelong coffee drinker who has been waiting for a while to get into the business. He launched Rockin’ & Roastin’ in the spring from his new home base in Austin (Kramer says he moved from Massachusetts to Texas a couple years ago, in part to get closer to his wife’s family). He says he picked the beans from Sumatra, Ethiopia and Guatemala, in part from his coffee-drinking experiences during his road trips all over the world. “I finally narrowed it down to three different kinds that I wanted to share with everyone else,” Kramer says.

We’re happy to report you can learn more by visiting this rockin’ official website.

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