Hey Philadelphia! It’s been too long since we hung out with you, but still, you soldier on, being awesome, sweating your way through the summer months, and giving forth sweet droplets of news. Let’s check-in, shall we?

Counter Culture Coffee is soon to open their newest Training Center, with details aplenty available at the Counter Culture Philly Tumblr:

We have had construction delays, and many of you know what that is all about. Our building is nearly complete and our space is ready to be outfitted with espresso machines and brewing devices.

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An announcement of the grand opening ceremonies is going to come out soon, and if you are reading this, then you are invited. Look for a time in mid to late August and get your red solo cup out of the recycle bin.

Meanwhile, both locations of MilkBoy Coffee are now serving Dallis Bros, news that comes to us as per Philly Eater:

MilkBoy has teamed up with longtime NYC coffee roaster Dallis Bros. to bring their product to Philly. Dallis Bros., who have been roasting beans since 1913, are known for their big-time barista throwdowns and an intense coffee education program up north, which fits in well with the obsessive nature of caffeine freaks in Philly.

And Joe NYC is expanding outside of NYC for the first time, and will be opening a cafe space in Rittenhouse Square. Joe’s new venture was announced with much fanfare, to the tune of this emphatic full-release Strand job:

Rittenhouse Square isn’t so far from Manhattan. “Philadelphia has been on our radar for years,” Mr. Rubinstein [Joe’s founder and owner] said. “We wanted to try another city that was close enough that we could be hands on as owner. We can share staff and training, and if we need to we can be there in an hour and a half. It’s not that different than getting from Brooklyn to the Joe at Columbia University.”

All this, and Philly TNT just celebrated their one year anniversary! has been around for a while, so it’s a good thing we didn’t get our facts crossed on that one. This month’s event happens tonight, July 19th, at the Revival Brothers coffee truck at 26 E. Mt. Airy (check out the Fbook info here)

We miss you, Philadelphia! Drink a Kenzinger for us, and think about your old pals at Sprudge next time someone tips you with a subway token.

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