Merry Christmas From

Merry Christmas From

Courtesy of North Pole Tribune

A very Merry Christmas from your editors, writers, interns and research staff. The office holiday party went down last night, and boy, it was a real corker…next year we’ll just predetermine the punch spiking duties.

As you journey home for the holidays, remember to always unpack your coffee equipment first. You don’t want to leave that stuff sitting in the car overnight, or nestled in your suitcase for longer than absolutely necessary. Enjoy making coffee for your friends and family, have a cookie, take in some bad TV with your loved ones,  and relax with some egg nog. Or if you’re like Jordan’s family, order Chinese take-out and watch a bad movie together. Whatever you do, at home or abroad, have a very happy holiday and eat some delicious food.


  1. Sam

    1 January

    MIND BLOWN- “why oh why did I need Cappuccino”

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