Epitaph For A Blog: The Death Of Melissa Allison&#...

Epitaph For A Blog: The Death Of Melissa Allison’s Coffee City

Beast From The Abyss, Coffee City Will Be Missed

The grand paucity of Mainstream Media specialty coffee coverage just got a bit more precious: Melissa Allison’s “Coffee City” blog has shut its digital doors at the Seattle Times. From Mel Al’s last post:

And that’s the last bit of news from Coffee City. Reporting for the blog has taught me more about coffee and Seattle’s coffee community than I ever would have learned without it, but it’s time to refocus my efforts on writing for the newspaper. Thank you to all of Coffee City’s sources, readers and commenters for making the blog fun and informative. had a chance to sit down with Mel Allison and do a little post-mortem on her blog’s death. She’s still working for the SeaTimes, and her regular business beat will continue to include Starbucks coverage. Look for longer features from her in the future, and keep up with her work by following tweets @SeattleAllison. Coffee City’s archives will stay online indefinitely. The blog is dead, and here’s what Mel wants on the tombstone:

“It’s been important for me and I’ve learned a lot about specialty coffee in Seattle. I’m sad to see it go…but it’s on to other work for the paper.”

It’s been a wild ride, Mel. We went from campy loathing to story stealing to genuine affection for you over the course of the last year, and we’re truly sad to shovel dirt on the grave of Coffee City. Here’s a short smattering of our favorite Melissa Allison stories from 2010, and Mel, you’ll be missed.

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