Dogs are considered Man’s best friend, and it’s easy to see why. Unlike other pets whose affection you generally have to earn, dogs will love you straight from the jump despite you being a silly imperfect human and not whatever deity-like figure their canine brains construe you as. But they can be sneaky little fuckers too, as one woman found out, whose dachshund was stealing sips of her coffee whenever she would leave the room.

As reported by Newsweek, the woman in question was suspicious that her elongated pooch may be helping himself to a quick pick-me-up. To find out, she did what most modern folk would do when faced with such a quandry: make a video and post it to TikTok. In the video, which has been viewed over three million times, the woman—Chloealiya1 on Tiktok—sets up her camera in front of her cup of coffee before setting her dachshund Charlie on the couch in front of it and leaving the room. And sure enough, as soon as you hear the door close off-screen, Charlie looks around to make sure the coast is clear before helping himself to a few slurps of coffee.

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First off, this is hilarious and adorable and it’s really very difficult to not laugh every time you watch Charlie look around before heading over for a nice cuppa. He knows what he’s doing. Secondly, caffeine is bad for dogs, as many commenters were quick to point out, but in a subsequent video, Chloe confirms that Charlie has been to the vet and is a-ok and that no, she didn’t drink the coffee after her dog because, as she states, “this [coffee] smells like my dog.”

So all’s well that ends well. May as well roll easy into the weekend with Charlie, the coffee-loving pooch stealing sips and our hearts.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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