This year, your Sprudge intern was proud to team up with his awesome designer friend Josh Kennedy (@jshknndy) and sister Lauren Bergman (@Inbergman) to design the La Marzocco, Cafe Imports, Barismo, and George Howell Coffee SCAA party poster and ticket. If you’re headed to Boston, be sure to attend!

#SCAA2013 Party Preview – SCAA is next week, and there’s no doubt that the entire event will be jam-packed with awesomeness. But there’s even more excitement and merriment happening after hours. Sprudge has put together a most excellent guide to parties, get-togethers, soirées, happenings, and much more—its even better than summer camp! In other SCAA news, Sprudge is proud to announce that it’s partnering with the SCAA for the Symposium Video Series. Check it out!

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Charles Babinski (Sprudge)

5 Questions With… This week, Sprudge took some time to chat with two really talented and fantastic coffee folks, Charles Babinksy (G&B Coffee) and Colby Barr (Verve Coffee). Check out the interviews for some inside info, insight, and interesting ideas.

JD Goes #2Dto3D – Our good friend Jason Dominy has always been a welcoming, well-networked guy who doesn’t hesitate to go out of his way to spend time with people. Mr. Dominy has taken his social media prowess, and combined it with the 3D world to create something really genuine: 2D to 3D. The idea is simple—meet the people you interact with on social media. Here’s a bit more from Mr. Dominy:

“One thing that I’ve always believed in, as far as social media goes, is that social should always build social. It should never be the end to the means, but the means to the end. It should be used as a tool for communication and engagement, not a replacement for real relationships that can only happen with face to face time. Social media is a great tool for creating new friendships, but if that relationship is based solely on words typed into a Twitter tweet, or a Facebook status or profile page, a friendship it is not. It is an acquaintance.”

Check out our interview with the man himself.

The shade of it all.
The shade of it all.

DD Goes OD – So here’s something…coffee market leader Dunkin’ Donuts has overdosed on sugar to bring their latest offering to test markets—the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich. Eater.com had the scoop, and asked a Dunkin’ Donuts representative, ”Why make a doughnut breakfast sandwich?” Their answer: “We constantly strive to offer a wide variety of products to satisfy the needs of our guests.“

Other Voices, Other Dining Rooms: Hoffmann, Tacy, & Knox On Restaurant Coffee – Last week, Oliver Strand wrote on article here on Sprudge talking about the massive gap between good coffee and good restaurants. Over the last few days, some well-known coffee folks have offered some insight and input, as well as some strong opinions on the matter. We’ve collected their responses and written a bit about the subject—food for thought!

Coming soon to a show floor near you. (Instagram)
Coming soon to a show floor near you. (Instagram)

Speaking of restaurant coffee, Artifact Coffee has a pretty dope dinner service these days

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