Introducing a new feature from your editors at – Everything That Happened In Coffee Yesterday, chronicling the mundane minutiae of everyday coffee reporting. Some of it is really interesting, some of it is laughable, some of it is simply worth archiving. While others reblog, we recap. It's just how we do. 

Every Caribou Coffee In Ohio Will Close, Some Will Become Peet's – An unnamed Caribou Barista says, “We're not very happy about it, we're all going to lose our jobs. We're going to be given the option to reapply for a job at Peet's, but we don't know much.

Sachi Fujimori Says No To Caffeine A staff writer at talks a bunch of trash about coffee. It's a whole unfortunate thing.

Yunnan, Ho! Nestle Eyes Chinese Province For Coffee Growin' – Like Starbucks and their 2011 announcement, coffee giant Nestle is eyeing investment in coffee production in Yunnan. Analysts predict coffee will quickly unseat tea as the sector rapidly grows in the region.

Lovely Rita, Meter Maid, Where Would I Be Without Brew? An irate coffee customer ended up dumping their large cuppa brew all over a parking enforcement officer in Philadelphia.

Coffee With Cops Program In Dallas – Meet your friendly local law enforcement officers in Dallas at local McDonalds locations. Councilwoman Delia Jasso says, “We want to be sure that people have the ability, the opportunity to talk to the policemen over a cup of coffee as to what's going on in their area.” That's all well and good – but McDonalds? 

Seattle Times Just Now Learns About Milstead & Co. – Girl.