While many of you are in a vibrating state of Panic Mode over the sheer panopoly of things to see, do, compete for, and get funky with next week in Boston. We here at Sprudge.com say “MOAR PLZ” – more stuff to cover! More gear to talk about! More people to weird out with puppets! More seminars to attend! More work to do! We’re positively buzzing with excitement. Buzzing! Next week is like our Super Bowl, and we’re ready for Duff Light to defeat Duff Dry.

In years past, we’ve enjoyed participating in the annual SCAA Symposium, specialty coffee’s unrivaled international meeting of the minds. This year, we’re proud to announce a new role for us at the 2013 edition of this event: a video series of exclusive, candid sit-down interviews with the Symposium’s cast of brilliant speakers. We’re calling it “Symposium Colloquium” — these videos will be a collaborative part of how the SCAA releases content from its Symposium video archives throughout the year.


Supplemental, introductory, candid and lively, Colloquium interviews will place the speakers of Symposium 2013 in a broader context for viewers around the world, and will happen live on-site during the event. We’re overjoyed at the opportunity to sit and chat with some of the most important, learned minds in all of coffee, including Dr. Tim Schilling, Kim Elena Ionescu, Alejandro Keller, Tracy Ging, Emma Bladyka, Chifumi Nagal, and many more, with a full list of speakers available here.

Here’s a preview of what these Colloquium videos will look like, featuring SCAA President Ric Rhinehart:

See you at Symposium! Or maybe not. You’ll be busy, we’ll be busy…we’ll have a soda water together later in the week or something. We can definitely try. Let’s see what happens.

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SCAA Symposium official website.