If you’re not ready for the ready-to-drink coffee revolution to be televised, then you may want to change the channel now. The Philadelphia desk of the Business Journal reports that La Colombe has just purchased a 55,000-square-foot facility in Norton Shores, Michigan what will be the home base for their draft latte production.

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A one-time dairy plant, the massive new space will “give La Colombe full control over the draft latte production process from concept to can.” The article goes on to note that the newly acquired draft latte production center is in close proximity to Michigan’s dairy farms, “enabling La Colombe to work with the local dairy association to provide fresh, raw milk.” It’s unclear from the article if utilizing the local dairy farms is part of owner Todd Carmichael’s plan at this time, but it’s a move that would certainly make a lot of sense for La Colombe.

More information will be forthcoming, and there are still some pretty big questions we need answered. Will there be draft latte silos? How big of a straw would be required to drink from a draft latte silo? Can I pet a cow? What level of security clearance would one need in order to bathe in a vat of draft latte like some sort of caffeinated Cleopatra?

If you’re not down with RTD, this is no doubt bad news for you. But, come on, a draft latte silo? That’s pretty dope.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

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