NEWS, 6 September 2022: Best for the World™ B Corp KeepCup introduces a new twist on reuse with the launch of its fully sealed Helix cup and cup-to-bottle Kit, making it even easier to reuse and travel light.

After inspiring millions of people across 75 countries to reduce and reuse by ditching single-use coffee cups and plastic water bottles, KeepCup has designed its new Helix range to make it easy to multiply your reuse moments throughout the day. With the Kit you can seamlessly go from early-morning espressos to lunchtime smoothies and post-work infused teas by switching the twist-fit Helix cup lid with the Bottle extension.

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We’re addicted to convenience culture, yet globally only 9% of single-use plastic made since the 1950s has been recycled. KeepCup’s new twist-fit Helix range provides an innovative, sustainable solution to tackle the single-use cup and bottle issue.

The Helix cup is KeepCup’s first fully sealed barista standard cup with a dual-plug lid. It’s a drafted vessel that’s designed for a perfect pour and meets the industry cup size standard for the optimal coffee-to- milk ratio, creating drinking pleasure on the go.

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The twist-off Bottle extension in the Kit provides a dual opening, allowing you to use it for icy, fruit- infused water on a summer’s day, long coffees or weekend bubble tea. The interchangeable design makes KeepCup’s Helix range easy to clean and store.

“We’ve always been committed to designing innovative products which challenge the norm of our landfill-based economy. Our Helix Range is no exception. It’s been designed with careful
consideration of our customers’ needs. Even for the most committed, carrying a reusable cup and a water bottle can be a barrier to forming a daily reuse habit, particularly when out and about. The Helix range fits the on-the-go lifestyle with ease, the 2-in-1 cup-to-bottle Kit a neat solution to refuse single use,” says Abigail Forsyth, KeepCup Co-Founder and Managing Director.

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Available to buy now at KeepCup in Original, Mixed Material and Thermal, you can create your own reuse style by choosing your favourite KeepCup materials, size and colours. The full range of Helix products includes a lightweight Original Kit made from BPA- and BPS- free plastic as well as a double-walled stainless steel Thermal Kit, for lasting drinking pleasure on the go.

“Through considered design and durable material choices, we have not only eliminated unnecessary raw material from the system, we have also offered customers more opportunities to choose to reuse. The Helix range fits seamlessly into you morning yoga routine, commute and weekend hiking trails, making reuse the more convenient and enjoyable alternative to single-use plastic cups and bottles,” adds Forsyth.

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