Remember the halcyon days of yore when a future First Daughter could auction off a half hour coffee date for $60,000 without coming under fire for selling access to members of the First Family? Where are these spro-dens of yesteryear, you ask? According to the New York Times, they appear to be canceled.

We reported yesterday that First Daughter to be Ivanka Trump was currently auctioning a brief meet and greet over coffee with the proceeds going to her brother’s charity. Well, that auction has not only closed, but any evidence of its existence on CharityBuzz–the site that hosted the auction—has been erased. Sorry bout your luck, “Willing Bidder #72987.”

According to the Times, “criticism mounted that the future first family’s charitable solicitation risked opening the White House to special interests seeking to pay for access.” No one knows for sure what exactly has happened to the auction. There has been no mention of the cancellation on any of either Mrs. Trump’s or the Donald’s social media accounts.

But not all hope is lost. You can still donate $60,000 to charity, and I bet there would be a ton of really cool people who’d gladly spend at least an hour with you based on that donation alone.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.