Breaking here on, we’re proud to announce our involvement in a brand new organization: Bay Area Coffee Community, a collaboration of like-minded folks from across the specialty coffee industry, centered around the cities of Oakland and San Francisco. As per their brand-spanking-new official website, BACC is “is a collection of coffee professionals aiming to share our passion for specialty coffee with our neighbors who make the Bay Area wonderful. In 2013, we will host a series of events that promote community, dialogue between purveyor and consumer and celebrate sustainability.” is the official media sponsor of BACC, and we’re joined in our sponsoryness by some of the very best names in the specialty coffee business, including the Barista Guild of America, Baratza grinders, Wilbur Curtis Co., Espresso Parts, Fair Trade USA, Kalita USA, and many more – see below for a full list!


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BACC’s first event series kicks off at Barista Nation San Francisco, for which registration is happening now! Barista Nation is a sponsor of BACC, and BNSF is being hosted by David Rio Chai, who are also a sponsor of BACC – it’s a cross-sposnorship collaborative smorgasbord of company cooperation, that’s for sure, but what about the event itself? BACC’s inaugural event series is a 6-round Bay Area latte art league, with SERIOUS prizes being given to the top three winners. For more we turn to BACC online:

The Latte Art Competition is a 6-Event Series launching at Barista Nation SF on Saturday January 19 2013 and closing on June 13 at Coffee Bar. At each event Baristas can win take home prizes, cash and points. First, Second and Third place prizes will be awarded at each event. Points will be awarded to the top three Baristas of the evening; 1st Place = 100 points, 2nd Place = 50 Points, 3rd Place = 25 Points. The three Baristas with the most awarded points at the season finale on June 13 will with the Grand Prizes (see below for Grand Prizes).

All events are free to the public. $5 to compete. Winner take all+ Espresso Parts Trophies+ Sponsor Giveaways. Each event will have free food, booze and door prizes for attendees. Bring your friends!

When we said serious prizes, we meant serious prizes: Espresso Parts trophies, cash, roundtrip airfare to exciting events, a super-good Baratza Vario grinder, Camp Pull-A-Shot admission, a Unic home espresso machine, and for the first time ever, in the three year + history of this website, we’ll be giving out a very special prize to the winner of Bay Area Coffee Club’s Latte league: your very own featurette right here on! You can make us write about whatever you want, including your cafe, your husband, your roaster, your company, your dog, your roaster’s husband’s dog – it’s all fair game. Whatta prize! Actually those other prizes (like cash and flights and grinders) are probably cooler, but still!

Check out the full schedule of Latte Art Competition events here via BACC’s website. We’ll be at the kick-off event for Barista Nation SF and the finale this June at Coffee Bar. Below you’ll find the event card for the league’s opening festivities – now all you have to do is go win! Seriously, if you win you can make us write about whatever you want, and we pretty much have to publish it. Your victory is our demise.


Follow the Bay Area Coffee Community on Twitter via @HelloBACC.

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