Congratulations are in order to Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea, in celebration of their unbelievable sixteen years of delicious coffees. So much has changed since Intelli’s days of baby photos and training wheels, and now they’re sass-mouthed teenagers talking back to mom and dad, navigating those tough high school days with a spitfire attitude and a positive outlook, even when life gets them down. Stay cool, Intelli – H.A.G.S. and hope we have homeroom together again next year.

We found Intelli’s first archived website, published when the company was four years old. Check out this rad copy and offering list from 1999:

In October of 1995, Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters and Tea Blenders was founded in Chicago on what we believe to be a simple premise: buy, roast, and sell the finest coffee available anywhere and purchase, blend, and sell teas of the same great stature. To date the combination of exceptionally high quality coffee and tea, served and sold in a comfortable, educational setting is not offered anywhere else on this continent.

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We purchase our green coffee and loose tea from either the world’s most renowned importers or directly from the growers (plantations) themselves. Our purchases are based on the cup quality of the coffee or the tea. Whenever possible, we seek out growers and importers that are known to be particularly socially responsible. It is almost always the case that the best coffees and teas are the products of the most socially responsible growers.

Our coffee is roasted daily in our small batch roaster. As a result, you will not find a fresher, more flavorful cup anywhere. Our loose teas are hand blended to perfection and brewed by the pot, thereby insuring the ultimate tea experience.

At a company level we wholeheartedly agree with the philosophy that well treated people inevitably produce higher quality products. Evidence of this can be found in every cup of our coffee or pot of our tea.

So whether you are enjoying a cup in our store or in the peaceful confines of your home, we are certain that you will taste the difference that care makes.

Current coffee offerings:

Arabian Mocha-Java
Arabian Mocha Sanani
A&O Blend™
Berkeley’s Blend™
Black Cat Blend™
Cajun Blend
Colombia (Reserva Del Patron)
Costa Rica
Decaf French Roast
Decaf Frisch’s Blend™
Decaf Librarian’s Blend™
Decaf Sumatra
El Salvador Pacamara
Ethopia Harrar
Ethopia Yirgacheffe
Fazenda Vista Alegre (Estate Brazil)
French Roast
House Blend
Italian Roast
La Minita Tarrazu (Estate Costa Rica)
Miller’s Blend™
Nepenthe Organic Blend™
New Guinea
Quetzal Blend™
Rogue’s Blend™
S&P Blend™
(Organic) Timor
Turkish Blend
Viennese Blend

Congratulations, Intelligentsia. Here’s to another sixteen wonderful years!

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