The Cafe Show in Seoul, Korea held its 10th anniversary event this past weekend at the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul’s Gangnam district. Like most coffee shows, it was full of new products and enticing booths, and of course, people furiously documenting it all on social media.

But unlike some other expos, Cafe Show is open to the general public. Reports indicate the show floor in Seoul may have involved a bit more whimsy than your average industry confab. To that end, we’ve carefully curated a collection of Instagrams from the event to capture this creative, colorful confluence of coffee consumers and creators.

Color us curious about this crazy collection of custom Kalita creations.

Candy, color, and being colored-candy are considerable creative concerns at the Cafe Show.

아이구 고단해라 #CafeShow #알바천국 #nescafe
#nescafe #clearly
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Cold-coffee contraptions are always a compelling component of any Cafe Show.

Roasting with Strong Hold. #Kcoffee
A computer-controlled countertop coffee combustor!

Inspired by nature.
A creative concept, leading to a clean composition.

My favorite so far at the Cafe Show. A reasonable and handy roast analyzer by RoAmi, Korean company.
Calibrate your coffee with concise color coordinates.

The name of the company is Vidastech Inc. It’s a new three group machine called Akilleus just introduced at the Cafe show!
A completely new espresso machine with a chrome-clad cabinet.

A colossally compelling craving for hydration.

Bought some fantastic tea from this humble farmer. Spent 100$ on tea in a coffee show. Korea has some great tea indeed.
Cost commensurate with Camellia Sinensis commendability.

Crazy machine with a million gadgets. Monitoring ambient temp, atmospheric pressure and humidity, brew boiler pressure regulator and manometer, brewing pressure regulator, programmable brew water volume and live monitoring. The list goes on and on. And yes I also got a good espresso from it.
Confounding levels of control for creating correct coffee cups.

Micro pitcher for making micro foam to pour latte art in to espressos made with micro lots.
Even children can co-mingle compressed steam and cold cow’s milk in this cute container.

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