Jen Macias and the folks at Clive Coffee have built this impressive brewing infographic, hosted exclusively here on Sprudge.com as a part of our permanent collection. Check out the interactive full-resolution version of theย infographic.

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This brew guide is non-denominational, and can be used to help you dial in and learn more for both auto-drip and hand brewed; pretty much any kind of filter coffee is covered, so long as you make necessary adjustments for weight and time. We hope this guide helps you brew a better cup of coffee from across a broad range of styles, from the humble Aeropress to the Sowden Oskar.

For home batch brewers under $500, the team at Clive recommendsย the Technovorm Moccamaster or the Bonvita Thermal Coffee Maker. There’s a deep comparative analysis of these two brewers, plus edifying brew guidesย and overview videos, all available for tasteful exploration on Clive Coffee’s website.

Brew Great Coffee At Home – Interactive Infographic

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