For the second consecutive year, Sprudge.com co-founder and editor Zachary Carlsen will be reporting to you live from the DC Campus in Milan, Italy, in association with our friends and partners at Urnex Brands, Dalla Corte, and Mahlkönig.

We’ve called it the Olympic-village-style free-for-all of training and memorable experiences, as the DC Campus prepares champions from across the world for the cavalcade of international coffee competitions administered by World Coffee Events. Champs at this year’s DC Campus event will be competing at the upcoming 2014 World Latte Art and Coffee In Good Spirits Championships, which we’ll be covering live from Melbourne, Australia as part of the 2014 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE).


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Past Articles on DC Campus include interviews with Victor Delpierre, cocktail recipes from Icelandic bartender extraordinaire Vala Steffansdottir, latte art tutorials from noted Belgian Swede Jelle Van Echelpoel, and a gonzo espresso-addled coffee-crazy walkabout on the streets of Milan. This year’s crop of champions will make for an absolutely boffo pool of interviewees, so let’s meet them.

World Latte Art Champions:

Abner Roldan, Puerto Rico
Magdalena Brodzinska, France
Seivijus Matiejunas, Ireland
Chiara Bergonzi, Italy
Edit Juhász, Hungary
Christian Ullrich, Germany

Coffee In Good Spirits Champions:

Francesco Corona, Italy
George Koustoumpardis, Greece
Nir Chouchana, France


Previous World Latte Art / Coffee In Good Spirits Finalists & Champions

Hisako Yoshikawa, Japan (2013 World Latte Art Champion)
Leszek Jedrasik, Poland
Martin Hudak, Slovakia
Gordon Howell, UK
Sam Low, New Zealand
Esther Maasdam, Netherlands
Marcin Wojciak, Poland
Victor Delpierre, France (2013 World Coffee In Good Spirits Champion)


Taeko Emura, Japan
Uda Yoshinori, Japan
Stavros Lamprinidis, Greece
Sonja Grant, Iceland
Alex Kubitza, Germany
Jule Laerz, Germany


This remarkable pool of coffee professionals will take part in a full slate of educational programming and training in Milan, with classes on everything from drink building to grind setting to managing nerves and preparing for competition. Our role is to take advantage of having all these fascinating folks in one place by bringing you irreverent, in-depth and revealing interviews, profiles of delicious-sounding coffee cocktails, and much more from this event in Milan. Stay tuned, and get ready for a wild ride.

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