Yup, it's still the 80s...
The coffee world’s favorite curmudgeon is considering bringing back the dark roast. Our friend Rich at Aldo Coffee explains:

Given what we’re planning to do here (and we still aren’t divulging the details), it’s quite possible that we may reintroduce a dark roast in the near future.  That’s sort of going backwards in time instead of forward and it’s certainly not very “third wavish” of us to do so, but we too get tired of beating our heads against the wall trying to get everyone to change habits.  It’s just not going to happen at this time and not in this place.

The place, of course, is Pittsburgh, “the city where the 1990s never happened”. And while we favor medium roasted coffees, we like the idea of building bridges and creating blends of medium/dark roast coffee to entice dark roast fans (Sprudge.com’s parents, for example) into trying something a bit brighter and more complex. Pretend it’s 2002, call it “Freedom Roast”, and it’ll sell like hot cakes.

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