The longest continually operating all-ages venue in the state of Michigan is ramping up their coffee offerings. Starting next week, Holland, Michigan’s well-loved Lemonjello’s Coffee will be expanding their menu to include coffees from fellow Michigan mittoners MadCap Coffee Company and Chicago’s own HalfWit Coffee Roasters. Here’s some more scoop:

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The popular Hope College coffee spot announced it has entered into agreements with Madcap Coffee Company in Grand Rapids and HalfWit Coffee Roasters in Chicago to serve their roasted beans as part of a new lineup focused more on coffee service.

A free public tasting of the new brews is set for 5-7 p.m. Monday.

We know Lemonjello’s through the annual competition efforts of its owner, Matthew Scott, who most recentlyย competed in the 2013 Big Central Barista Competition. It was awesome. We were there. And watching Mr. Scott compete put Lemonjellos on our radar, which is why we’re writing this here blogpost…not that we’re aching for US competition season to begin again, or anything…

More Lemonjellos info here!

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