Next week the world of United States competitive coffee will gather in Kansas City, Missouri for a major qualifying event, feeding into the USA’s national coffee competitions this April in Atlanta. Barista competitors? Sure, they get the documentary films and all the glory. But that’s not the only competition happening in KCMO next week. The Brewers Cup—a competition dedicated to the art of hand brewed filter coffee—will hold its qualifying event alongside the barista competition.

Schedules for next week’s events just dropped, and the Brewers Cup is a real who’s who from some of the best brands in American coffee. 50 brewers total are signed up for the event. As per the SCAA, “The top 6 Brewers Cup competitors from each conference will automatically advance to US Brewers Cup. The remaining 24 highest scoring brewers from the entire country will advance to the initial round of the USBrC.”

We’ve just got schedules for “Open Service” listed—you can read the event’s full schedule here via US Coffee Championships. We’ll be covering these and all the other major moments of next week’s US Coffee Championships qualifying event live from Kansas City, right here and on our sister site, Sprudge Live, with coverage sponsored by Urnex Brands.

Open Service Day 1 – Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

2:38PM Dylan Siemens, Onyx Coffee Lab, Springdale, AR

2:48PM Todd Goldsworthy, Klatch Coffee, Los Angeles, CA

3:08PM Sarah Rice Scott, Peregrine Espresso, Washington, DC

3:18PM Tyler Spence, The Barnlight, Eugene, OR

3:38PM Daniel Shoup, Ferris Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI

3:48PM James Tooill, La Colombe, Las Vegas, NV

4:08PM Colin Frew, Lucky Goat Coffee, Tallahasse, FL

4:18PM Eric Nicol, The Principal’s Office, Colorado Springs, CO

4:38PM Ryan McDermott, Intelligentsia, Chicago, IL

4:48PM Blair Smith, Augie’s Coffee Roasters, Redlands, CA

5:08PM Kevin Reddy, Blueprint Coffee, Saint Louis, MO

5:18PM Davis Sears, Upper Left Roasters, Portland, OR

5:38PM Megan O’Connell, Empire State South, Atlanta, GA

Open Service Day 2 – Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

2:58PM TBD – TBD – TBD!

3:08PM Matt Leberman, 3 Bean Coffee, Baltimore, MD

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3;28PM Kaelen Howard, Blue Bottle, Los Angeles, CA

3:38PM Matt Foster, Kaldi’s Coffee, Saint Louis, MO

3:58PM Tommy Kim, Andante Coffee Roasters, Los Angeles, CA

4:08PM Mick Evans, One Line Coffee, Columbus, OH

4:28PM Tyler Duncan, Topeca Coffee Roasters, Tulsa OK

4:38PM Ryan S. Wojton, Madcap Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI

4:58PM Ben Jones, Ristretto Roasters, Portland OR

5:08PM Margaret DeGoosh, Bard Coffee, Portland, ME

5:28PM Akaash Saini, Equator Coffees & Teas, CA

5:38PM Michael Schroeder, Oddly Correct, Kansas City, MO

Open Service Day 3 – Thursday, February 4th, 2016

2:38PM Josh Taves, Kong Coffee Brewing, Denver, CO

2:48PM Aaron Owens, Toby’s Estate Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

3:08PM Mike Cannon, Velton’s Coffee, Shoreline, WA

3:18PM Zephan Hazell, Mama Carmen’s Coffee, Fayetteville, AR

3:38PM James Gibbs, Allegro Coffee Roasters, Berkeley, CA

3:48PM Richard Cummins, Underline Coffee, New York, NY

4:08PM Chelsey Walker-Watson, Slate Coffee Roasters, Seattle, WA

4:18PM Tyler Phillips, Alchemist Coffee Company, Arlington, VA

4:38PM Jacob White, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, San Diego, CA

4:48PM Jenna Gotthelf, Everyman Espresso, New York, NY

5:08PM Erich Rosenberg, Novo Coffee, Denver, CO

5:18PM Jenny Bonchak, Slingshot Coffee Co., Raleigh, NC

5:38PM Ryan Peterson, Chromatic Coffee Roasting, Santa Clara, CA

Open Service Day 4 – Friday, February 5th, 2016

2:58PM John Quinn, Steadfast Coffee, Nashville, TN

3:08PM Jared Gum, Bar Francis, Olympia, WA

3:28PM Daniel Bosman, Mars Café, Des Moines, IA

3:38PM Benjamin Lytle, Novel Coffee Roasters, Dallas, TX

3:58PM Alex Stoffregen, Kickapoo Coffee Roasters, Viroqua, WI

4:08PM Chris Pradzinski, Intelligentsia, Los Angeles, CA

4:28PM Carlos Morales, Third Rail Coffee, New York, NY

4:38PM Chris Garrison, Old World Coffee, Reno, NV

4:58PM Robert Colascione, La Colombe Coffee, Philadelphia, PA

5:08PM Alexander Choppin, Olympia Coffee Roasting Co., Olympia, WA

5:28PM Taylor Mahalijevic, Square One Coffee, Lancaster, PA

5:38PM Ryan Fisher, Commonwealth Coffee Roasters, Denver, CO

Sprudge.com’s coverage of the 2016 international coffee competition season, including next week’s US Coffee Championships qualifying event, is produced in partnership with Urnex Brands.
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