Happy Holidays From Sprudge (We’re Taking Th...

Happy Holidays From Sprudge (We’re Taking The Week Off)


The holidays mean many things to different people. We here at would like to sincerely wish each and every one of our readers a merry Christmas, a jolly Solstice, a combative and cathartic Festivus, a nice Kwanza, a happy (belated) Hanukkah, and a relaxing week of non-denominational social kindness, pretty lights, warm beverages, and cookies.

We love the holidays, but we ESPECIALLY love them this year, because for the first time ever your editors will be taking a much-needed break from our daily schedule of original content. In place of original content, we’ll be running a specially selected “Best Of Sprudge” series between Christmas and New Years. Relive our favorite and most popular features from 2013 thanks to the wonders of pre-scheduled blog posts!

We have never, ever taken a break like this before, not for marriages or honeymoons or family emergencies. Right now it’s important for us to step away, if only briefly, for our first sabbatical in three years. Thank you for understanding.

We’ve got a lot of content in store for you folks when we come back January 2nd, including our hotly anticipated “Barista Health” series from staff writer Alex Bernson, a brand new Unpaid Intern (about whom we are completely stoked), and the 4th annual edition of The Sprudgie Awards, the most coveted award in specialty coffee.

We love you all. Thank you for reading our website, and we’ll see you in 2013.

-Zachary Carlsen & Jordan Michelman



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