David Walsh has announced the second phase in a study conducted over “making and rating” coffee. Phase One concerned data sourced by those with access to a coffee refractometer, i.e., the hugest of the huge coffee dorks. Phase Two is a bit more plebeian, and should be super fascinating! Read on:

For a little over 2 months participants in this study have been making and rating coffee beverages, measuring TDS and submitting data online. In that time a couple of hundred samples have been collected. Samples are still being submitted, albeit at a much slower rate than in the beginning.

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Participation has until now been limited to individuals with access to a coffee refractometer. In a way this is what makes that study so beautiful, my job is merely to compile the data at the end. The collection is self-sufficient, the only exertion is on the part of the participants.

That said, owners, or frequent users of refractometers are hardly an unbiased group. They are undoubtedly an interesting group, but they may have preconceived ideas based on their familiarity with measuring/tasting based on extraction and strength. With that in mind, I want to introduce the second phase of this research series.

Interested? Apply here.

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