UK notable John Gordon has published Sarah Dooley’s USBC score sheets on the growing Score Sheet Library, a collaborative Google Doc that features current UKBC scores, WBC scores from past years, and now the first set of USBC scores from Dooley. You can read Sarah’s USBC scores by clicking here.

Sarah is the Seattle-based Coffee Education Community Coordinator for La Marzocco USA, and has both competed and served as a judge in the USBC circuit. She joins a growing list of baristas who’ve added their scores for the benefit of any and all who compete in the future, including WBC Finals score sheets from luminaries such as Gwilym Davies, Colin Harmon, and Javier Garcia, among others.

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Score sheets provide an intimate look at the current judging process, complete with penciled-in notes, doodles, and varying scores between judges. They can also be intensely private pieces of paper, which is why this sort of voluntary posting is exactly how competition score sheets should be disseminated publicly in the current competition format. We don’t think it should be mandatory, but we do applaud those who submit their scores for public scrutiny and education, and we’ll continue to cover Mr. Gordon’s international Score Sheet Library as more scores are posted.

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