Here are the finalists for the Sprudge Design Awards Outstanding E-Commerce / Web Site Finalists category. This award honors companies exhibiting outstanding curation and attention to design detail on their websites or e-commerce platforms. Coffee roasters, cafes, coffee product manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and coffee industry purveyors are eligible for consideration.

Technivorm-Moccamaster USA, Inc.

Outstanding E-Commerce / Web Site Finalist

moccamaster website

Moccamaster USA recently underwent a significant website update, transitioning from a primarily B2B platform to a B2C one with a focus on responsive design. Our goal was to optimize the user experience, recognizing that many consumers access our website via their mobile devices. As part of this update, we ensured compliance with ADA guidelines and implemented various content and widget features that enhance user engagement. We have also made improvements to our product detail pages (PDPs) by including important information and prominently displaying our business pillars within relevant subcategories for easy access. Our PDPs now effectively highlight the unique features and capabilities of our brewer models. To further assist consumers in making informed purchasing decisions, we have developed a quiz that recommends specific models based on their individual preferences and requirements. We understand the significance of this investment for our customers and have taken great care to provide them with the necessary information and resources.

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Verve Coffee Roasters

Outstanding E-Commerce / Web Site Finalist

verve coffee roasters ecommerce sda

In 2022, Verve relaunched its website to be more informative, engaging and personalized for customers, resulting in an effortless purchasing experience. The objective was to bring online the same infectious spirit and great energy that customers have when they enter a Verve cafe.

Superior design, user experience, new features and intuitive functionality come together to present an accessible coffee-buying experience to grow loyal customers and convert new ones. The content-rich site is also easy to navigate to product detail pages which showcase pertinent information with beautiful visual designs. Customers purchasing online can also find their perfect coffee match with the brand’s coffee quiz, and accurately determine how much coffee to purchase with the help of Verve’s proprietary Coffee Calculator that in one step helps customers calculate the quantity and frequency of their coffee delivery based on their needs and preferences.

Other new site features include improved coffee subscription presentation with side by side offerings making it even easier for users to understand the process and a robust filtering tool allowing customers to filter by Roast, Type, Region and Method. In addition to making product badges for Best Sellers, New Arrivals, Web Exclusives, etc. more prominent on the site, Verve also added a recipe carousel showcasing recipes and measurements of classic and seasonal drinks sold at the cafes.

Overall, the improved Verve website has resulted in longer user sessions up by +183%, higher consumer engagement with +27% more pages per session viewed, increase in conversion rate (+9%) and AOV (+8%).

Verve has received numerous accolades for the site’s unique design and exceptional UI on Forbes, AIVA and the Webby Awards.


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Rishi Tea

Outstanding E-Commerce / Web Site Finalist

Rishi web site front page

Rishi Tea & Botanicals introduced a whole new look and feel for its website in summer 2023. Our new tea shopping experience is designed to capture tea culture and ritual in a way unique to Rishi. Our new site now offers unique ways to search teas based on flavor or mood, origin photos and maps, and a smoother checkout experience. There’s completely new product photography throughout captured by photographer Evan Sung –and the site works hard to tell more of the tea origin story on each page. In addition it will allow Rishi to launch tea subscriptions and a monthly tea club in Q4.


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Mill City Roasters

Outstanding E-Commerce / Web Site Finalist

mill city roasters

Sometimes it really does take a village…

Mill City Roasters has always been more focused on the people than machinery. We started planning a new website because, as we grew, our old website “outsides” didn’t look at all like our “insides.”

We wanted to highlight the industry, creativity, talent and skills of our owners and operators. Then we wanted to create a tool for those same people by providing immediate answers to production planning and sales forecasting, space planning, technical and regulatory new installation guidance, as well as ongoing maintenance and support requirements.

This site took two years of false starts and fired contractors before our VP Angie Davis and her design team dynamic duo of Mya Hummel and Katrina Osegura pulled out all the stops to reach out to customers via social media to gather their stories and images. Angie toiled nights and weekends for 6 months to pull it all together and worked with our Chief of Tech Support Nick Green to code around the limitations of the original Shopify theme.

We’re very excited about the result and we hope you are too.

Steve Green
Mill City Roasters


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La Marzocco

Outstanding E-Commerce / Web Site Finalist

la marzzoco web e commerce submission

The La Marzocco Home App: The La Marzocco Home Mobile App connects the home machine and the home barista in ways never before possible. When using the app, the phone becomes a new display for the machine. This display makes it easier and more intuitive to adjust the machines parameters such as temperature and pre-brewing.

Moreover, thanks to the app, the smartphone can be used as a remote control for the machine. For Linea Mini, Linea Micra and the Gs3 the app features are: in local connection the possibility to schedule weekly scheduling of On/Off times and in remote connection the possibility of turning it On and switching it Off. Thanks to these features, the machine will always be hot and ready, whenever, without wasting energy or time. The Mobile App’s control panel for the Linea Mini and Gs3 gives the user a real-time feedback over use. When you are not brewing coffee with the app it is also possible to read news about the world and community of La Marzocco Home, watch tutorials on how to use La Marzocco Home products, and read FAQs to help you brew the best coffee possible. Lastly, with its internet connection, it will now be possible to benefit from new and exciting updates, as we add new app functions in the future.

Introducing Brew-by-Weight, an exclusive machine & scale collaboration between Acaia and La Marzocco Home that automatically stops your espresso shot. Designed for the Linea Mini, Brew-by-Weight elevates the home espresso experience with machine learning and a predictive drip algorithm for unparalleled precision. Set your dose, engage the paddle, and let the machine and scale do the rest. Featuring auto-tare and auto-time upon turning the paddle. Precision and convenience, simplified for the Linea Mini.

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