Here are the finalists for the Sprudge Design Awards Outstanding Packaging, Ready-To-Drink category. This award honors outstanding design in the field of ready-to-drink coffee/coffee-adjacent products, including canned and bottled cold brew, teas, coffee beer. Considerations include original label art, descriptive text, and physical presentation.

Equator Coffees

Outstanding Packaging – Ready To Drink Finalist

equator coffees rtd sprudge feature

Our Organic Cold Brew Coffee bottle stands out as a true embodiment of innovative and eye-catching design. Here’s why it deserves the “Best Design – Read to Drink Coffee” award:

1. Glass Bottle Elegance: Our product comes in a sleek and environmentally-friendly glass bottle. Its elegant and premium appearance enhances the RTD coffee-drinking experience.

2. Transparent Label: Through thoughtful design, we’ve integrated a transparent window around the label, allowing customers to see the product inside. This not only adds to the visual appeal but also builds trust, as customers can appreciate the premium quality of our organic cold brew and real dairy used to make Equator RTD taste incredible.

3. Clear and Approachable Communication Hierarchy: The label employs a clear communication hierarchy that prioritizes essential information. Branding, flavor, Cold Brew and Organic are all prominently displayed, ensuring that consumers can quickly grasp the product’s unique selling points.

4. Flavor Presentation: Each flavor variant of our cold brew is visually distinctive on the label, utilizing colors and clear naming conventions which aids consumers in quickly identifying the flavors they desire.

5. Iconic Tiger Logo and Bold use of Red: Equator’s iconic tiger logo and traditional red color graces the front of the bottle, instantly catching the eye with its bold and memorable presence. The tiger symbolizes strength and grace, connecting the consumer to the core of our brand.

6. Organic Certification: The label proudly communicates our commitment to Organic, Fair Trade and giving back via 1% for the Planet. In a world where health and sustainability are paramount, this information is an essential selling point that distinguishes our brand in the market.

Our Organic Cold Brew Coffee bottle represents the perfect fusion of form and function, a standout in the crowded market of ready-to-drink coffee. Its glass bottle, iconic tiger logo, transparent label, and clear communication hierarchy come together to offer an exceptional coffee-drinking experience. We believe this design is not just visually appealing but also drives customer engagement and loyalty. We humbly submit our entry for the “Best Design – Read to Drink Coffee” award, as a testament to our commitment to excellence in design and product presentation.

equator coffees rtd sprudge feature 1

equator coffees rtd sprudge feature 3

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Ritual Coffee Roasters

Outstanding Packaging – Ready To Drink Finalist

ritual coffee sda submission 00002

Not just for summertime, it’s for anytime.

Cold brew aficionados and busy people who’ve got sh*t to do can now recharge on-the-go with an artful can of Ritual’s refreshing single-origin black coffees or a smooth oat milk latte. And we don’t sacrifice quality for convenience – each batch is brewed with one of our very favorite coffees, sourced from coffee farmers we personally know around the world. We flash-brew our coffee using hot water to extract the full complexity of flavor and then chill it down immediately to lock in the nuances and beautiful aromatics. We worked with Aimee Kilmer at Good Stuff Partners and local artist Galine Tumasova to design the beautiful artwork on the cans. The artwork on each can celebrates a San Francisco neighborhood beloved to Ritual. Each features elements that are recognizable to anyone who has visited that neighborhood, and other pieces are delightful little “Easter eggs” that you really have to know the neighborhood well to identify.

ritual coffee sda submission 00001

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ritual coffee rtd sda submission 00001


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Onyx Coffee Lab

Outstanding Packaging – Ready To Drink Finalist

onyx coffee lab sda submission 3

This year we released Extractions, premium coffee concentrates that provide specialty coffee in an infallible, shelf-stable, ready-to-use liquid form, creating a new intersection of convenience and quality in the specialty coffee industry. Extractions is the first specialty grade premium coffee extract that shows true flavor profiles and showcases the terroir of different producers and farms from around the globe. With Extractions, we’re not just offering a convenient coffee solution — we’re offering the full journey of flavor that people have come to expect from Onyx coffee.

We wanted the design and packaging for this product to highlight the coffee and honor a desire for both excellence and ease of use. A transparent glass bottle featuring familiar Onyx type and marks, this product truly feels at home in the Onyx lineup while also allowing the extractions to truly be the showcase.

onyx coffee lab sda submission 1

onyx coffee lab sda submission 000001

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Caffe Luxxe

Outstanding Packaging – Ready To Drink Finalist

caffe luxxe rtd sda submission 2

Caffe Luxxe Cold Brew Bottle Concentrate – Product Launch 2023

Good Brew Comes to Those Who Wait. With the success of Caffe Luxxe Cold Brew ready to drink, a market demand became apparent for a concentrated version for home consumption and cocktail mixology in a stronger format.

Create an emotional sense of fun, light-heartedness, and a sunny disposition that conforms to the Caffe Luxxe brand identity.

Bring together a design approach that captures the colors, the story, and the energy of Caffe Luxxe’s Italian lifestyle inspiration.

Create a package that’s presents itself comfortably as part of a bartender’s kit.

Caffe Luxxe Cold Brew Concentrate is a line extension of the classic Caffe Luxxe Cold Brew ready to drink. Featuring the popular Caffe Luxxe Montenero Blend steeped for 22 hours and retained in a highly concentrated format to allow consumers to dilute it to their own taste preference and also be used for making cold brew cocktails.

caffe luxxe submission sda 00001

caffe luxxe submission sda 00003

caffe luxxe rtd sda submission

caffe luxxe submission sda 00002

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Nguyen Coffee Supply

Outstanding Packaging – Ready To Drink Finalist

shorefire media submission sda 00001

Nguyen Coffee Supply launched three flavors of their new Ready-To-Drink (RTD) cold brews into national retail at the beginning of 2023. The sleek design of the can matches the standard company branding with its royal blue coloring and font styles; however, it prominently reads “Nguyen” larger and vertically across the can highlighting the name for retail placement as well as bringing attention to the company’s pride in its Vietnamese origins. During the design study stage, the company noticed that most RTD coffees on shelf read horizontally with horizontal flavor bands; when zooming out it was easy for the shelf to look like a sea of bands. This was a key factor for designing with a vertical logo – to break up the sea of horizontal bands and stand out on the shelf visually.

Each flavor has a unique color band which also runs vertically to elongate the can and stand out on shelf: the original flavor of Classic Black flaunts the company’s original Truegrit blue (100% Robusta coffee beans), leaning into the company’s mission to elevate the robusta coffee experience. The Coconut SKU’s brown matches the outer shell of a coconut (as photographed in the attached marketing shots), and the Condensed Milk SKU is a vibrant teal, a less common color palette currently found on shelf to denote the innovation behind our Condensed Milk flavor. The three flavors together create a bold and progressive color palette when the cold brews are sold in a variety pack or merchandised together on shelf.

Once the vertical design draws a customer in, at the very top of the can laid out in a horizontal format are the words “Vietnamese Coffee” to immediately identify the product. The eyes will then drift over to the flavor band and description.

The decision to utilize a tall and slim can was inspired by the energy drinks set, and to show the power of robusta coffee within a smaller format. Through our innovation of 100% robusta cold brew (non existent on the market prior to our launch), robusta offers 2x the amount of caffeine than arabica beans, offering a boost of clean, natural energy. All 3 RTDs are low to no sugar, helping consumers reimagine the Vietnamese coffee experience in a clean format without the jitters or sugar crash.

The minimalist design mirrors the minimal ingredients in the RTDs, similar to other products offered in natural grocery stores including national distribution with the Whole Foods Market. Earlier this Fall, Nguyen Coffee Supply announced that their RTDs are now available in every state that has a Whole Foods Market.

On the back of the can is a short message from the founder and a QR code for consumers to learn more, connecting the retail ready product back to the company’s e-commerce roots. Alongside the message is a pronunciation key for “Nguyen.” This level of intentional design ties the product experience back to the company’s original mission to educate people about diverse cultures, expand the conversation and bridge communities.

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Parlor Coffee

Outstanding Packaging – Ready To Drink Finalist

parlor coffee sda submission 00003

Parlor Cold Brew on Tap is seasonally sourced, expertly roasted, precisely brewed, and boxed up to take wherever you may need a pick-me-up. This delicious, refreshing cold brew boasts rich chocolate tones balanced by delicate vanilla and melon top notes. Simply pour from the integrated tap nozzle over ice and enjoy.

Originally developed for New York City’s busiest and most discerning cafés, Parlor Cold Brew is sourced and roasted by our team with the same standards as any of our whole-bean offerings, then brewed and packaged with the utmost precision. Consider this simple to use, multi-serving tap box your one-stop (coffee) shop: a convenient, shelf-stable cold brew option for the quality-conscious.

Each 96-ounce tap box is designed with a handle on top for transport and a simple punch-out design on the front to access the tap nozzle once you’re ready to serve. Once you’ve emptied your tap box, separate the inner bag from the outer cardboard, which can be recycled with your other cardboard materials. The inner bag is #4 LDPE and the spouts are #2 HDPE.

96 fl.oz. (2840 ml). 12 eight-ounce servings per container.

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parlor coffee sda submission 00002

parlor coffee cold brew box sda submission

parlor coffee sda submission


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