La Marzocco is kicking off 2024 by taking the show on the road. Kicking off in November of last year, the Innovation Gallery On Tour is starting back up to show off some of the brand’s latest and greatest espresso tech. And it all begins tonight in Spring, Texas.

The back half of 2023 was pretty busy for La Marzocco, with new and updated equipment announcements coming out seemingly everyday. The Innovation Gallery On Tour is your chance to see them all up close and in person. If the Seattle event in November was any indication, you can expect to see recent releases like the Pico home espresso grinder as well as demos for the Sync System that allows LM espresso machines to communicate directly with select Mahlkönig grinders. There will also be lesser-seen Stateside machines like the Leva (which may or may not actually be a Transformer).


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But the main attraction has to be the all-new Strada X. The machine that 15 years ago that pioneered pressure profiling in espresso has been completely reinvented. Built around the same aesthetics as the first generation but with a lower profile, the Strada X touts a whole host of new features, including straight-in poratfilters (similar to those of the KB90), independent grouphead-specific boilers, PID controls for temperature and pressure, weight-and-pressure-based profiling, and smart saturation, a low-pressure addition of water to an espresso puck that uses data from internal flow meters to determine when it has been completely saturated. And then once it has been, smart saturation knows to automatically ramp up the pressure.

And it all kicks off tonight, January 11th at the La Marzocco facility in Spring, Texas just north of Houston. There will be complimentary pizza, beer, wine, and alcohol-free drinks for all. The event is completely free to attend, and you can RSVP here.

After that, the Innovation Gallery On Tour rolls on with stops in Fort Wayne, Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. The dates are as follows:

January 25: Fort Wayne, IN – La Marzocco
February 6: Los Angeles, CA – Arts District
March 3: New York City, NY
April 12-14: Chicago, IL – SCA Expo

For more information, visit La Marzocco’s official website, and RSVP via the Innovation Gallery On Tour Eventbrite page.
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