“Reclaimed lumber”, “reusable tote-bags”, “recycled cardboard”, and a little family business coffee cart selling brew to folks out front of the library. Sounds good, right? Not to mayor of Encinitas, California or the no-doubt overeducated jugheads who run the town’s library. They want Global Grind, a small business out front of the library, to stop selling upcycled tote bags – because who needs extra revenue, right? Life is SO much easier when city and state taxes pay your mortgage, especially when your state is like 69 billion dollars in debt.

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Global Grind’s lease is in jeopardy. Help stop this travesty in Encinitas! Save Global Grind!

Call the library directly:

Channel your inner grandpa and send some critical mail to:
Save Global Grind
c/o Encinitas Library Jugheads
540 Cornish Drive
Encinitas, CA 92024

Or hop on the Facebooks and express your displeasure:

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